Welcome to Community Voice Media
This site is still being constructed.

This a media start-up focused on community level discussions and news. The initial focus will be on the Bartholomew, County Indiana area. As growth allows, the plan is to have regional sites for multiple communities.

I hope to use this platform to give a voice to common people in our community.  As I look around I see a world forming of top-down control and division among communities.  I am in my late 40s and I remember a time when people could disagree with one another and still treat each other with dignity.  I hope to restore some of that with podcast discussions and other activity on this site.  I hope to once again start building our community through discussions of all subjects.  I want to speak with our local leaders and our neighbors alike.  I want this to become a forum where we can discuss ideas one community at a time. 

Current Status:
For the moment, I am using my knowledge as an IT professional and my own resources to launch this.  This will be slow-going and unsophisticated at first.  I hope to find others that share my passion to restore civility and make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.  If you are local to our area and you want to contribute, please drop an email to communityadmin@communityvoicemedia.com. 

Founding Podcast: